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We are approaching the holiday season (or if you’re from Canada, you’ve been expecting snow every other week since September) and we all know what that means!

Holiday Starbucks drinks, Thanksgiving, big comfy sweaters, dessert and wine by the fire andddd… the abs say SAYONARA! Until next year.

Let’s be real, most of us haven’t thought about doing crunches since the end of August. But hold on! Continuing to train your core has many more benefits than just aesthetic abdominals; it can help you develop core stability, strength and avoid  overall injury.

How about we approach this years holiday season with a more balanced approach together!? I’m not saying we can’t have dessert and wine by the fire, we need that!

Let’s follow an 80/20 rule; 80% good for you foods and 20% treats when necessary.

You can bet I’ll be having dark chocolate to keep me sane!

My plan of attack and balance is to incorporate HIIT cardio 2-3x per week and continue training my abs throughout the winter months.

Below you will find my current favourite ab-routine and the HIIT cardio I will be doing. We’re in it together fam! MISSION BEST SELF – all year long! 


  • Leg Raises on bench w/ yoga ball between feet *3 counts down*: 3×12
  • Bosu Ball Crunches *SQUEEZE at the top*: 3×15
  • Bicycle Crunches *Slow and controlled*: 3×30

Perform them as a circuit, one after the other with little to no rest between exercises until you finish the entire set.

Performed on Treadmill or Stair Master

SPRINT 30 seconds

I do…
Stair Master: Level 17-20
Treadmill: Speed 10-12

RECOVER 30 seconds

Stair Master: Level 5
Treadmill: Speed 3


RELAX! That’s only 15 minutes! You got this.

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