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Who’s goal this year is to build a nice, firm, round booty!? 🙋🏻‍♀️

That’s why this months workout is LEG’s and BOOTY focused!

NOTE: 60 seconds max between exercises, and supersets are performed back to back.

 Are you ready? Get set, go!

BW Walking Lunges: 3×20
Yoga Ball Hamstring Curls: 3×15

RB Side to Side Crab Walks: 3×20
[superset] RB Sumo Squats: 3×20
*Hold a DB in hand for an extra challenge

DB Bulgarian Split Squat: 3×12
BW Side to Side Bench Jumps: 3×20

BB Sumo Deadlift *Heavy: 3×10
DB Romanian Deadlift *Lighter weight: 3×12

BB Hip Thrust: 3×12
[superset] BW Single Leg Hip Thrust: 3×12

BW Curtsy Lunges: 3×20
BW Lateral Lunges: 3×12 each side

😊If you try the workout send me a message on Instagram or email and let me know how you liked it!

BB: Barbell
BW: Body weight
DB: Dumbbell
RB: Resistance band

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