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TIGHT & TONED Arm Workout!

You can expect to not be able to lift your arms after this workout!
Good luck.

BW Tricep Dips: 2×20

BW Tricep Push Up on bench: 2×12

DB Alternating Bicep Curl: 3×20
DB Lateral Raise: 3×12

Cable Rope Tricep Pushdown: 3×15

EZ BB Close Grip Bicep Curl: 3×12
EZ BB Wide Grip Bicep Curl *Negatives: 3×12

DB Single Arm Tricep Kickback: 3×12 each arm
BB Skull Crusher: 3×12

DB Concentration Curl: 3×12 each arm

DB Around the world: 3×12 – until failure

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