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This month we are training SHOULDERS!

If you want lean, toned, and defined arms building your shoulders will help you with that. The shoulders are made of 3 deltoid muscles; front, medial and rear. You want to make sure that you hit all three of these muscle heads during your shoulder workouts because they all play a part in the development of the muscle and creating the illusion of “capped shoulders”.

Shoulders happen to be my favourite body part to train along with plyometrics conditioning workouts (see previous blog post for the March workout), so I am happy to put you through a brutal workout! If you’re feeling rebellious today, do 4 sets instead of 3! 😉


Warm up…

  • DB Lateral Raise: 3×20 [superset]
  • DB Double Lateral Raise: 3×10
  • DB Lateral Raise: 3×15 [superset]
  • DB Single Arm Shoulder Press: 3×12 each arm
  • DB Front Raise *Negatives: 3×12
  • Seated DB Alternating Shoulder Press: 3×20 [superset]
  • Seated DB Shoulder Press: 3×12
  • DB Rear Delt Fly: 3×12
  • BB Underhand Grip Front Raise *Negatives: 3×12 [superset]
  • BB Wide Grip Upright Row: 3×12
  • Cable Rear Delt Fly: 3×15 – until failure 
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