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WHAT are BCAAs and WHY do I need them?

Allow me to give you the 411!

BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) are naturally reoccurring in the body, they are essentially the “building blocks of protein” in the body.

Out of 20 Amino acids found, nine are considered essential and THREE of them account for nearly 33% of muscle tissue!

You’re probably thinking, ‘I need them AND I HAVE them, sooo why would you supplement them?’


When you’re exercising you are breaking down muscle tissue.


Sounds painful, doesn’t it? Try not to think about it like that… That’s what happens during exercise, that’s how its done!

When you’re working out and as little as ONE amino acid is deficient, performance can suffer and endurance is compromised.

This is where supplementing BCAAs (other wise known as ‘Aminos’) becomes extremely effective.

Constantly supplying your body with an adequate amount of branch chain amino acids can enhance your performance, prevent muscle break down, help in repairing sore/stressed muscles, and allow you to perform your BEST!

BCAAs are also the supplement that can come in extremely handy when you’re excruciatingly sore from an awesome leg day.

It is the most beneficial to drink BCAAs pre, intra (during) and post workout!



My personal favourite BCAA supplement is ‘Her Aminos’ by NLAforHer.

They come in 4 flavours: Pink Lemonade, Orange Creamsicle, Dragon Punch, Watermelon.

Feel free to use discount code RANDI20 to save 20% on all NLAforHer supplements!

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