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Hey guys! I’m so pumped that you are on my new website right now and that you are reading the first blog I have ever written! I’m not going to lie, blogging was daunting to me at first just because I’ve never done it (although I loved English class and writing essays was easy for me) – but there was something about writing a BLOG and starting something new that was freaking me out!

I kept thinking “its not perfect enough to post on my website” but then I quickly remembered that I’M not perfect!

A quick life lesson was taught there… If you want to try something new, GO FOR IT! And if you let fear hold you back, you will never get anything done. YOU are ultimately the only thing holding yourself back from where you want to be or from doing what you want to do! If you have ever doubted yourself – you aren’t alone. Trust me, it’s a normal thing! What determines if you are successful or not is what you decide to do about it.

Moving on! I am excited to have started a blog and to have another creative outlet for myself; to hopefully reach, inspire and help even more people out there! Whether this is your first time to my website, if you are a supporter of mine from a social media plug like Instagram/YouTube/Twitter, a family member, a friend, or an acquaintance – I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support! I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for reading this blog post right now.

I have tons (ok maybe not “TONS” but definitely more than a few) ideas for what I want to write about, including; important topics, “touchy” topics (I have no problem writing about taboo subjects – leave it to Randi!), easy healthy recipes and more. BUT is very important to me and what I really want is always write about what YOU want to read! So I would love it (more than ice cream) it if you dropped a comment and recommended a few!

Thank you all!! I can’t wait to grow, learn and laugh together.

And thank you to Gareth at HEARTCMS ( for my INCREDIBLE new website and the idea to start this blog! You’re awesome!!

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