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Its December now, in other words the most wonderful time of year! The time of year where there’s freshly baked cookies everywhere, beautiful elaborate family dinners… It pretty much makes you want to cuddle up with some hot cocoa every single night while listening to your favorite Christmas music. We have every excuse and reason to put our goals on pause and say “who CARES about getting fat right now!” – Or is that just me!? While I would love to agree with the devil on my shoulder… I know that staying on track will make me feel better mentally and physically. SO! I’m going to be a good girl, and share my tips for how to stay on track this holiday season

Starting with… Do not starve yourself for events where you know you will be eating a lot. You can do lower carb and save macros to make room for what you will be eating later, but do not starve yourself to the point of starvation. This can create an unhealthy relationship with food and increase your risk of binging.

Stay consistent with your workout regime. I recommend getting in a good workout before your event and the day after. Many people gain weight during the holidays because their caloric intake goes up and energy expenditure decreases, what happens then? Weight gain.

ENJOY YOURSELF but be sensible! You can do them both at the same time. When going back for seconds, if you have already had a good serving of carbs try to avoid having more, especially if you plan on enjoying dessert.

This one’s a little sad, but it’s the truth! One piece of dessert is more than enough. Remember, it is the holidays there are always more treats to come.

Drink lots of water! This will help satisfaction levels, keep you hydrated, keep you regular and help decrease bloating.

Learn to be in tune with your body, eat until you’re satisfied and nothing more.

Most importantly, don’t mistake eating off plan during the holidays as ‘falling off track’. There is no need to start food or self-shaming. BALANCE is key! Enjoy the holiday season, make memories and know that you are going to get back to your routine tomorrow.

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