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Working out is one of my favorite past times, I love starting the day with a good sweat and really pushing my limits! However! Over the years with a consistent 5 days a week in the gym, I’ve learned that we can’t solely rely on training and nutrition to see physical changes, recovery is just as important! And often highly underestimated

Over the past 6 months I’ve been taking my recovery time very seriously and have seen significant improvements in my energy, physique and how I feel. To maximize our results (regardless of what the goal is), we have to make sure our body recovers properly! Or else it will be in a constant state of stress and do absolutely nothing for us.


I am going to share with you my TOP TIPS to help maximize your recovery and easily start implementing TODAY!

  1. Drinking Water:  YES! Seems simple, right? But a lot of us still struggle with it (myself included at times). Water intake is crucial for aiding in recovery by flushing out toxins, maintaining regularity, boosting immunity and preventing muscle cramps and injuries!!
  2. BCAA’s: Branch Chain Amino Acids are also extremely effective to help accelerate and aid in recovery with the help of L-Glutamine. L-Glutamine along with other essential amino acids help in repairing those sore stressed muscles and aid in protein synthesis (creating new lean muscle tissue).
  3. Foam Rolling: Foam rolling is great for recovery to help your sore/stressed/tight muscles breakdown the lactic acid and promote faster recovery through enhanced blood flow. It’s also beneficial to do PRE leg day to get the most out of your lifts!
  4. Epsom Salt Baths: Epsom salts are inexpensive, relaxing and amazing for recovery. Plus, who doesn’t like an excuse to relax in the tub?! Epsom Salt naturally contains magnesium which is essential to the body to help to relieve stress, muscle aches, and cramps. Epsom salt baths can help you get a good night’s sleep before bed!
  5. Turmeric for inflammation! Not many people know but Turmeric is a natural herb that aids the body in reducing inflammation. For someone who works out and pushes weight at the gym – inflammation happens on a daily basis! I’m sure you’ve heard about “golden milk” by now, and I couldn’t speak more highly of it! Not only is it great for inflammation but it makes your skin glow from the inside out too! (Skincare tip *wink*)
  6. Rest Days…. Now these are HARD, I’ll admit it! Sometimes they can get you out of the groove for 24-48 hours but they are SO necessary! Overworking your body is a real thing, and is a place you don’t want to go. Focus on taking days off strategically to give your body the rest it needs and optimal time! It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sit around on your couch all day either.
  7. SLEEP! Just like on rest days; the body recovers and creates change when it is at rest. When you’re overworked, the bodies cortisol levels (stress) are high and make recovery even more difficult. Not to mention the obvious – how  exhausted mentally/physically we feel and how making poor nutrition decisions is a lot easier with a lack of sleep. It is a downward spiral from there! Make sure to prioritize sleep like everything else.

What are some of your best recovery tips? I would love to know! Comment below

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