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Gain CONFIDENCE with RKFIT Bikini Body Guide!

I designed this 12-week training guide for those that are ready to challenge themselves and create a full body transformation!

RKFIT BBG is a detailed training program with my favourite, most effective and FUN workouts that will help you in creating your ultimate bikini body in just 12-weeks!


  • 12-weeks worth of workouts broken down into 3 monthly phases
  • Access to the Exclusive RKFITNESS Exercise Library with video demonstrations for 180+ exercises
  • “How to Calculate Your Macros” Ebook ($19.99 value)
  • Meal Plan Outline (Including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack ideas)
  • Detailed Grocery List
  • Cardio Guide
  • Private Facebook Community

This program is a downloadable ebook that will be sent to your email upon purchase

14 reviews for RKFIT BBG *GYM EDITION

  1. Avatar

    Sarah Witherly (verified owner)

    I will always recommend anything done by Randi. All of her programs are amazing, I really enjoy this one, the work outs are so different than what I am used to doing on my own in the gym. She is so helpful by having video is the work outs if you don’t know how to do it. 15/10 for sure !!!

  2. Avatar

    Alicia Tyminski

    I have been following Randi for a few years now and recently purchased her RKFIT BBG and it is an amazing program, so well put together, easy to follow and I love that there are demonstrations of each exercise if you’re unsure. It is the perfect program as it includes everything you need to reach your goals. I am so happy I took the plunge and purchased this program and I love the fact that it comes with a private Facebook group where there are like minded women who are doing the program, and all support each other. Best investment.

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    Alicia Tyminski (verified owner)

    I’ve been following Randi for a few years and finally took the plunge and purchased her RKFIT BBG and I am so happy I did. The program is so easy to follow with tons of workout demonstrations if you’re unsure of what you’re doing, everything is so well laid out and easy to follow, and includes everything you need to hit your goals, and I love the fact that you get access to her private Facebook group where there are tons of positive women doing the program who all support and encourage one another no matter where you are in your fitness journey. I’d recommend this program to anyone looking to meet there fitness/weight loss goals.

  4. Avatar

    Kristal (verified owner)

    I was hesitant on trying an online program at first. RK BBG fit is really awesome! I enjoy the workouts and love that they are all planned out for you! Being apart of the fb group is nice because you’re surrounded by girls who support you & are going down the same workout path! I’ve always been very active but kind of lost my motivation for the gym last year so I am very happy I bought this! It’s helped me get back into the swing of things!

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    Alisa Bishop (verified owner)

    I love this guide for many reasons! My top reason is because of how she teaches you how to calculate your macros, and doesn’t just tell you what they are! Also the workouts are freaking killer!!

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    Alisa Bishop (verified owner)

    There are so many things I love about this guide! My top two are how she teaches you how to calculate your macros and doesn’t just tell you what they are! My second favorite are the workouts! They are killer!!

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    Emily S (verified owner)

    I bought this guide as soon as it came out, I am currently on Phase 2 of this program and am LOVING it. I am a beginner in the gym, but Randi has videos of each workout, so it makes it really easy to follow. I recommend this if you’re like me and need that extra push and motivation to help with the gym

  8. Avatar

    Anita Block

    I absolutely love this Guide! I have been through phase 1 and now starting phase 2. The workouts are fun and so easy to follow with all the exercises listed in the reference guide, and it includes videos! My favorite part has to be the amazing Facebook community you get to join as well. Randi is very active in the group and all the ladies keep me in check. So so so happy about my purchase <3

  9. Avatar

    Ashley Calderon (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this 12 week Beach Body Guide that Randi has created for us! I’ve done 2 weeks of it and it is amazing! Every workout is exciting and I always look forward to the gym! I love that she offers demonstration videos of the exercises so we know exactly what we’re having to do and knowing if we’re doing it correctly! I highly recommend anyone who is wanting to change their lifestyle and get committed to becoming a Fit Boss Babe!

  10. Avatar


    I haven’t completed the guide yet (only done one workout so far) so I’m mainly speaking on the layout/content not results, but I absolutely love the way it’s laid out. Some plans I’ve gotten in the past have been just too much or too many weird exercises that I don’t feel comfortable doing in the gym but Randi’s plan has exercises that are easy enough to follow along with (but not easy in the sense that I don’t think the plan will work – just meaning that they aren’t overly complicated to perform or remember how to do). I’m excited to see where this program will take me. I also like the cardio she has laid out – it doesn’t feel overwhelming and I personally don’t mind cardio. I also like that she has the whole demo library for the exercises since there’s been a couple I wasn’t quite sure of, makes it super easy to go find what you need. I think it would be awesome if Randi got her own app one day so that we could easily have the program accessible. I also like that this is a 5 day plan since I begin to feel overwhelmed beyond a 5 day commitment – I like to have 2 days that I can rest or do some active rest activities without having to worry about the plan. The facebook group is a nice bonus as well since you can see others who are doing the same program you are rather than wondering who else in the world is out doing it lol.

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    Michelle Piasecki (verified owner)

    Randi created a great and challenging 12 week program that kicks some major booty! I love the program so much that I am doing it all over again! 🙂 the Facebook page is motivating and so much fun! The workouts challenge you and allow you to grow! I love that Randi is always available to answer questions and makes every girl doing this program feel special! She helped me turn fitness and health into a lifestyle not a chore! I love the program! Would recommend 100%!!!!

  12. Avatar

    Ali (verified owner)

    The workouts in the Bikini Body Guide FEEL GREAT on the body and are fun to do at the gym. Randi emphasizes how to properly warm up and how to do each exercise correctly. I love her online exercise library because it is so helpful! Her dietary guide is great too!

  13. Avatar

    Jennifer P

    I just bought the BBG home edition and I’m obsessed!! The workouts are fun and exciting! There’s video demos for all exercises so you’ll know exactly what to do! This is perfect for all fitness levels. I did the arms and abs workout and was sore (in a good way!) For days. I’ll be buying the gym edition next!

  14. Avatar

    Denise (verified owner)

    I love this program and keep coming back to it even after my first 90 days were complete! Easy to use and I get results!

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