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BB Clean & 2 Press

BB Clean & Press

BB Military Press

BB Rocky Press

BB Behind The Neck Shoulder Press

BB Bulgarian Split Squat Press

BB Underhand Grip Front Raise

BB Upright Row

Cable Rope Front Raise

Cable Rope Front Raise

Cable Leaning Lateral Raise

DB 1/2 Lateral Raise

DB Alternating Front Raise

DB Alternating Shoulder Press w/ Press

DB Shoulder Press Combo

DB Alternating Shoulder Press

DB Double Lateral Raise

DB Behind The Back Lateral Raise

DB Front Raise w/ Static Hold

DB Front Raise

DB Front to Lateral Raise

DB Front Lateral Combo

DB Lateral Raise w/ 2 Palm Rotation

DB Lateral Raise

Hanging DB Lateral Raise

DB Lateral to Front Raise

DB Rear Delt Fly

DB Shoulder Press

DB Single Arm Arnold Press

DB Single Arm Shoulder Press

DB Static Lateral Raise

EB (Elbows Bent) Lateral Raise
Holding the dumbbells with a 90-degree bend in the arm, lead with the elbows as you perform the lateral raise, stopping once your elbows come in line with the shoulders, slowly lower back down.

DB Upright Row Rotation

Hanging DB Lateral Raise

Plate Front Raise

Plate Overhead Front Raise

Plate Squat Upright Row

Standing Cable Single Arm Rear Delt Fly

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