Exercise Glossary Menu

BB Box/Bench Squat

BB Kneeling Squat

BB Curtsy Lunge

BB Hip Thrust

BB Hip Thrust w/ 3 Pulses

BB Pause Squat

BB Squat w/ Heels Elevated

BB Squat w/ Toes Elevated

BB Squat

BB Good Mornings

BB Good Morning Squat

BW Curtsy Lunges

BW Curtsy Lunges

BW Curtsy Lunges

Cable 1/2 Glute Kickbacks

Cable Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts

Cable Single Leg Squat w/ RB Sweep

Cable Abductors

Cable Glute Kickbacks

Cable Glute Kickbacks (on bench)

Cable Glute 1/2 Kickbacks (on bench)

Cable Lateral Lunge

Cable Pull-Through

DB Alternating Reverse Lunges

DB Reverse Lunge Biceps Curls

DB Bulgarian Split Squat

DB Lateral Lunge

DB Reverse Lunge

DB Single Leg Deficit Reverse Lunge

DB Alternating Deficit Reverse Lunge

DB Sumo Squat

DB Elevated Sumo Squat

DB Romanian Deadlift

DB Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

DB Single Leg Romanian Deadlift (on bench)

DB Squat Press

DB Squat Neutral Press

BB RDL, Squat Press

DB Step Up w/ High Knee

DB Sumo Squat w/ Jump

DB Sumo Squat

DB/BB Low Walking Lunges

DB Split Squat Scissor Jumps

Overhead Stationary Lunge

Plate Single Leg Curtsy Lunge

KB Squat, RDL

Kettle Bell Romanian Deadlift

Kettle Bell Squat

Kettle Bell Swings

RB Abductor

RB Squat Kickbacks

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