Exercise Glossary Menu

Ball Slams

Ball Slam Burpee

Burpee Squat


BB RDL, Squat Press

BB Wide to Narrow Squat

Cross Body Toe-Touches

Curtsy Lunge Squat

Criss Cross Jump Squat

DB Clean & Press

Jump Squats

Jump Squat w/ Pulse

180 Jump Squats

Lateral Step Up w/ Push Off

Reverse Lunge High Knee

Explosive Reverse Lunge High Knee

Side to Side Bench Jumps

Side to Side Squat/Crab Walk

Split Squat Scissor Jumps

Squat Oblique Crunch

Sumo Squat Upright Row Combo

Sumo Squat Front Raise Static Hold Combo

DB Split Squat Scissor Jumps

Toe Taps

Wide to Narrow Jump Squats

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