Exercise Glossary Menu

BB Underhand Close Grip Row

BB Wide Grip Row

BW BB High Inverted Row

Cable Romanian Deadlift

Cable Rope Lat Pushdown

Cable Single Arm Lat Pushdown

Cable Rope Rear Delt Row, Lat Pushdown

Cable Rope Rear Delt Row

Cable Rope Face Pulls

Cable Straight Bar Lat Pushdown

Low Cable Rope Row

DB Double Arm Row w/ Palm Rotation

DB Double Arm Row

DB Single Arm Row, Kickback

DB Single Arm Row

Plate Row

DB Single Arm Underhand Grip Row

DB Single Arm Row w/ Palm Rotation

Dual Cable Lat Pulldown

High Cable Single Arm Row

High Cable Wide Row

Kneeling Single Arm Lat Pulldown

Squatting High Cable Row

High Cable V-Bar Row

V-Bar Lat Pulldown

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

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