An 8-week challenge created for determined women that are ready to drop their excuses and commit to becoming their BEST SELF!

For the first time ever you and I will be doing the exact same training program – real time – and crushing our goals TOGETHER! That’s right sista, real life training partners!

The Best Self Blueprint is designed for those wanting to tone up, lose weight, build lean muscle and ultimately enhance their quality of life!

You can expect 8-weeks worth of fat blasting, muscle sculpting, FUN workouts paired with intense cardio routines! This training program is designed for IN-GYM workouts, 4 days a week that should take no longer than 1.5 hours (including cardio!).

Throughout the challenge duration we heavily focus on goal setting, creating healthy habits, and our mindset! – I strongly believe in working to to improve our mindset just as hard as we are to improve our physique!

You will learn the skill of calculating your own macros and how to budget your numbers to make meals throughout the day. A structured meal plan outline is also provided which is a glimpse at my own personal meal plan that I will be following throughout the duration of the program… When it comes to nutrition our goal is to  always create and maintain a healthy relationship with our food!

The best part about this challenge aside from the mental and physical transformation is the accountability factor! Not only are we literally “in this together” by doing the exact same training throughout the 8-weeks (hello training buddy!) but we have an incredible support system by a TRIBE of like-minded women crushing their goals alongside of us! We are in touch multiple times a week, if not daily through our secret Facebook group!

The Best Self Blueprint is a ton of fun, challenging and will  provide REAL RESULTS (IF you put in the work!)

OH! And PRIZES are given to the Top 3 Transformations & GIVEAWAYS happen nearly every week! – Who doesn’t love prizes!?


  • 8-weeks of intense weight training workouts broken down into 2 separate phases (new phase sent after 4 weeks)
  • Cardio Guide (Includes 9 styles of cardio)
  • How to Calculate Macros
  • Meal Plan Guidance
  • Detailed Grocery List
  • Delicious Recipes & Meal Ideas
  • Supplement Advice/Recommendations
  • Facebook Support Group*
  • Weekly Mindset/Lifestyle/Life Coaching Challenges in the FB group that encourage you to think & live outside of your comfort zone and pursue the life you love!*
  • Prizes & Giveaways

Start date: TBA



*I firmly believe in QUALITY over quantity therefore there will always be a limited amount of girls in each challenge to ensure each individual is receiving the attention and support they deserve.

*By purchasing this program, you are understanding the strenuous physical activity and cardiovascular training that is involved. You are in good health and solely doing this at your own risk, and will not hold Randi Kennedy Fitness responsible for any risk of injuries that may occur.

**Please note; This program is NOT a customized program and does not provide on-going support. For completely customized in-gym/home-workout training programs and nutrition plans and 24-hour support please refer to RKFITNESS 12 & 24-WEEK Online Training Programs.**