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Hey girl!

I’m Randi, International Fitness Entrepreneur, WBFF Bikini Pro and Social Media Influencer with a passion for holistic health and wellness!

When I started my fitness journey back in 2012 my goal was to be STRONG! I was naturally very thin and petite growing up, and I wanted to transform my body & mind to resemble a strong, healthy, driven woman! When I first started working out; I started working out with home workout DVD’s that I would do in my bedroom (YES! You can get fit at home without a gym membership). Later on, I developed a strong passion for the gym atmosphere, where everyone had a similar goal in common – that they were there to better themselves, mentally and physically.
“My goal since starting RKFitness back in 2014 was to help women of all ages and fitness levels gain confidence, get fit, discover what they are truly capable of achieving and create a life they LOVE!”
This lifestyle has not only transformed my body, but it has completely transformed my MINDSET in more ways than one and continues to do so every day. It has made me a positive, optimistic, hardworking, confident woman and truthfully has even saved me from something like depression when I faced the biggest loss in my life yet, my dad.

I know first hand how life-changing and rewarding this “health & fitness” lifestyle can be.

Today my passion lies in helping other women gain confidence and knowledge in and outside of the gym. To teach them it’s not about eating less, it’s about eating more of the right things, how improve their mindset just as much as hard as they work to improve their physique, how to workout and eat according to their goals with a sustainable approach that lasts, and lastly… create the life they love – just like I strive to every day.
I look forward to helping you do just that!

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